Please use this form to generate an Authorisation Number for an item that you would like to drop-off to our managed warehouse. This Authorisation Number allow us to know where the item is from and what to do with your dropped-off package, when it is sent back to our managed warehouse.

<VENDOR> Send the item back to which vendor
<BARCODE> Barcode type on the item you like to drop-off
Please note, you can select “None of Above” if you cannot find a matched barcode type that we will accept. Without a barcode we cannot track the item’s history for our vendor – which means they won’t be able to provide you with any warranty, if applicable.
<BARCODE> Barcode
Note this is One Drop-off authorisation is per item. If you have multiple items that are required to be dropped-off, please fill this form in multiple times in order to get several authorisation numbers for your shipment.
<BARCODE> Drop-off Item Description
Please describe the item you would like to drop-off – SKU, model number etc. If you have more than one item that needs to be dropped-off, fill in the form. Remember – One Form, One Authorisation Code!
<INFO> Your name
<INFO> Your company name
<INFO> Your email address
<INFO> Your contact number
<INFO> Your physical address
<FEEDBACK> Reason for drop-off
<FEEDBACK> Order Information
If the item that you would like to drop-off was purchased from the vendor before, please leave the order information here to help the process.
<FEEDBACK> Contact Person
We have our official channel to contact the Vendor for all drop-offs. If you have a specific person that we need to make contact with about your drop-off of the item, please let us know.
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